Thursday, 1 February 2007


Welcome to the Tall Ship ZEBU blog, where you can keep in touch with Liverpool's square-rigger. Get news about work projects on board, volunteer calls, planned activities, Festivals the Ship is attending and the new maritime heritage education courses we're developing. There'll also be news from ZEBUs sailing on other ships, and some posts about past highlights of rebuilding and re-rigging the Ship, which is a team achievement we shouldn't forget.

Time we had a presence on the web, many Friends of ZEBU will say. Our website is still a one-page potted history of the Ship which we've got plans to expand. Attending a course at Liverpool Digital today, I found that a blog can help create an online community of interest around ZEBU in a much more direct way. There's still a bit of finding our way around to go, but the blog will very shortly become interactive. I'll be posting blogs a couple of times a week, so put it in your favourites and watch this filling space.